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The world is crazy for bananas. The farms couldn't grow enough of them, so they sent their banana tree shaking machines to collect more fruit from the jungle. But along with bananas, a whole lot of little monkeys were shaken out of trees, packed into crates, and shipped to far flung corners of the earth. Join the Bananza Troop, an elite force dedicated to getting back all the monkeys and as many bananas as they can. They are clever, they are agile, they are determined, but they still need your help.

Help them save the monkeys.

Bananza Troop now has four scenes:

*** "In The Jungle"

*** "On The Farm"

*** "At The Carnival"

*** "In The Desert"

each with 18 levels and their own unique challenges.

You'll get free updates with new scenes as our scouts search the globe for new locations that need Bananza Troop.

Stay with us and save the monkeys.

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