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Pop Dem Reps

Do you think you can become President of the U.S.A.?

Choose your party and run for office by popping your opponent.

Use your fingers to draw bumpers that steer your candidate to a smashing victory, but watch out for those teapots! The fewer the bumpers, the better your score. The higher the office, the more challenging the gameplay. Return to earlier levels at any time to try and improve your score. Celebrate your successes with ever-increasing fireworks over the capitol.

Elephants and Donkeys alike enjoy limitless levels of addictive play.

It's fast, it's fun, it's endorsed - "Great training for a career in politics" insists Senator Popalot.


"Are your elected officials full of hot air? Do they need deflating? Here's your chance to do something about it" says voter Ima Madd

"Just like bubble wrap only different" says Ozzie Moron

"Pong on steroids" says Congressman O.L. Degeezer


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